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‘Our Story’

Bambeco’s mission and responsibility is to impact the change in everyday habits and to say no to the not so humble plastic straw. Shocked by the statistics of 8.5 billion single-use plastic straws being used annually in the UK, we want to ultimately empower individuals to change their everyday habits and raise awareness of the environmental impact of single-use plastic in the world we all live in.

Driven to help conserve our oceans, the hundreds of thousands of sea turtles and other marine mammals that die each year from ocean pollution, we have created 100% organic, re-usable, and responsibly sourced Bamboo straws.

Our sustainable straws are to be enjoyed in juice bars, cafes, restaurants and households giving individuals the feel-good factor of saying no to plastic. All of our straws can be supplied either, unbranded or branded with our Bambeco logo.

Thank you for saying “No” to single use plastic.

Our Straws


Bambeco straws can be used again and again, and they are easy to clean. We advise you to rinse your straws with a little salt and vinegar before you use for the first time.

After each use rinse your straws under the tap using the re-usable cleaning brush provided.

Allow your straws to dry naturally and pop them back into your breathable hessian bag for storage.

Natural & Sustainable

Our Bambeco straws are sourced from sustainable crops in Bali and farmed in a fair-trading environment. They are fully bio-degradable and 100% organic.

All hand-crafted Bambeco straws vary in diameter due to the natural thickness of the bamboo plant, making them absolutely perfect for a variety of different drinks from cocktails to juices and smoothies.

Bambeco Straws

Bambeco straws are supplied in a breathable hessian bag of 6 hand-crafted straws complete with re-usable cleaning brush.

All packaging is 100% re cyclable.

Bambeco say NO to plastic straws


  • 8.5 billion plastic straws used annually in the UK
  • 13 million metric tons of non-degradable plastic is entering the environment every year
  • It takes over 200 years for plastic straws to break down
  • Every year over 100,000 marine animals die from ingesting plastic
  • Experts predict with the continued use of plastic, by 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish

Make a change now!

Plastic Straws Harm Sea Turtles

A YouTube video has had more than 16 million views but comes with a parental guidance warning: a male sea turtle, lying on the floor of a boat, struggles as a 12cm plastic straw is dislodged from its nostril with a set of pliers.


“The turtle very likely ate and regurgitated the straw after it ended up in the wrong passageway,” says the marine-conservation biologist who filmed the eight-minute video off the coast of Costa Rica.


It might seem a stretch from there to London but this painful viewing is turning the tide on single-use plastics. Last year it was responsible for driving UK pub chain Oakman Inns to switch from buying 100,000 straws a month to alternatives.

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Plastics in the Sea Affect Marine Animals

Hundreds of thousands of sea turtles, whales, and other marine mammals, and more than 1 million seabirds die each year from ocean pollution and ingestion or entanglement in marine debris. Marine debris is manmade waste that is directly or indirectly disposed of in oceans, rivers, and other waterways.

Most trash reaches the seas via rivers, and 80% originates from landfills and other urban sources. This waste, which is also consumed by fish and can entangle sharks and damage coral reefs, tends to accumulate in gyres (areas of slow spiraling water and low winds) and along coastlines.

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“For the eco-minded"

Bambeco’s ‘Bamboo Straws’ are biodegradeable and made from sustainable crops. The set comes with a cleaning brush and a hessian bag, so you’ll never need to throw them out.
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and sip cool aperitifs with these organic, re-usable and responsibly sourced bamboo sticks.
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Help the fight against waste by swapping your plastic straws for re-usable ones. We like these smart bamboo straws, sourced sustainably from crops in Bali.
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How about replacing plastic straws with these 100% organic, bio-degradeable bamboo straws?
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“Bambeco’s straws are great. Cleaned in between uses, they are good to go again and again.”

Ideal for Trade

Bambeco straws are ideal for catering, restaurants, pubs and cafes. We welcome trade enquiries, for our re-useable, eco-friendly straws. Our straws can also be a personalised and shipped all over the world.

If you’re interested in setting up regular business or taking larger orders of our bamboo straws, please complete this form and one of our sales staff will be in touch directly.


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